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Electronic Route Card

Norcott Designs Electronic Route Card

The IT Department at Norcott has been busy developing its own Electronic Route Card to replace its current largely paper based system.  The benefits from this are many including:

  1. Improved Accuracy of data and increased information available at point of use.
  2. Ability to create additional processes on-the-fly to cater for complex process routes.
  3. Improved departmental efficiency with template and repeat build options.
  4. Recognition of historical quality yield information.
  5. Linkage to process and customer specific requirements, and other data repositories.

Phase One is currently under trial by Norcott Front-End Engineers and will be rolled out to production after extensive testing; this release will essentially replace the existing Office documents.

Phase Two is concerned with linking production and quality data to the relevant processes in real-time and the route-card will become truly ‘electronic’ facilitating user input.  Security options and restrictions will also enforce tighter control of mandatory processing and user roles.  It is intended to implement this on tablets (iPads) complimenting the existing software application iOracle so that users will have access to a myriad of information at their fingertips.

Phase Three will link the entire quality and production data systems to our bespoke capacity planning system to facilitate instantaneous job tracking.  This may also be made available via a web-portal for controlled Customer access.


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