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To develop world class products it is necessary to identify and incorporate the most effective technology.

Norcott Technologies | Technology Research
Technology Research

Technology Research

To develop world class products it is necessary to identify and incorporate the most effective technology. For some products, emerging technologies may offer the promise of achieving a strategic goal whereas in other designs a mature technical implementation would attract customer acceptance or an advantageous price performance ratio.

Whatever the needs of your specific product we can carry out detailed research to identify and shortlist the candidate technologies. This can then be followed up with a detailed evaluation to ensure compliance with your project requirements.

Our extensive links with the electronic component manufacturers ideally position us to access new and emerging technologies for your product development.

Norcott Technologies | Product Analysis
Product Analysis

Product Analysis

In many markets, analysis of existing products can be advantageous. These products may be your own or those of key competitors. A detailed technical analysis can provide an insight into performance and usability issues.

Functional analysis along with user discussions can reveal shortcomings and ‘wish list’ items that can be addressed to create a technically innovative and commercially superior new product.

Norcott Technologies | Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

The viability of a new electronic product is critically dependent on the availability or development of a sound technical implementation within acceptable cost constraints.

Norcott can undertake design feasibility studies encompassing:

  • Exisiting product analysis.
  • Possible technical implementations.
  • Estimated design effort and associated timescales and costs.
  • Compliance validation requirements.
  • Production tooling costs.
  • Material, assembly and test cost estimates.
Norcott Technologies | Proof Of Concept
Proof Of Concept

Proof Of Concept

Proof of concept models have a key role in the development process. They can facilitate a wide variety of financial and development requirements, including:

  • Concept verification and refinement.
  • Software development.
  • Market testing.
  • Funding(VC) & budget allocation.
  • Development grants.
  • Corporate project approval.

We have access to a wide variety of development and prototyping boards. Often these can be used ‘as is’ or with small modifications. This provides a rapid and cost effective deployment of the product concept.

For more complex products we can quickly develop and manufacture daughter boards containing the additional functionality required along with any specialist interfaces. It is also possible to develop fully bespoke solutions. Typically these boards would be built with a flexible architecture allowing several implementation options to be evaluated along with features to assist in the development process.

Norcott Technologies | Product Specification
Product Specification

Product Specification

The creation of a comprehensive specification is a crucial step in the realisation of an electronic product.

Typically this would contain:

  • Detailed functional, commercial and compliance requirements.
  • Proposed architecture and technical implementation including alternative strategies where applicable.
  • Areas requiring further research or development work.
  • Resource, time-scale and key risk analysis.
  • Estimated product and development costs.
Norcott Technologies | Product Redevelopment
Product Redevelopment

Product Redevelopment

There are many issues that can affect the long term viability of an existing product:

  • Competitive product introductions.
  • Component obsolescence.
  • New compliance requirements (e.g. RoHS).
  • Out dated user interface and connectivity.
  • Physical size.
  • Power consumption.
  • Inefficient manufacturing methods and technology.

All of these jeopardise the future potential for a product. By taking advantage of current technologies and manufacturing methods we can reduce product cost. At the same time functional enhancements and other ‘wish list’ items can be incorporated. Overall this can significantly increase product longevity in the marketplace.

Norcott offers a low risk route for updating your existing product allowing you to remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace. Contact us for a free no obligation evaluation of your existing product.

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