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Taking the initial architecture information provided by the specification system design is the process of refining this into a detailed system implementation.

Norcott Technologies | Systems Design
Systems Design

Systems Design

Taking the initial architecture information provided by the specification system design is the process of refining this into a detailed system implementation.

During system design the functional requirements of the product are evaluated to identify the optimum implementation of each element of the design.

These may be implemented in one or more of:

  • Discrete Circuits (Analogue or Digital).
  • FPGA’s or CPLD’s.
  • Custom circuits (ASIC).
  • Embedded simple microprocessors.
  • DSP’s.
  • Firmware.
  • Application software.

Depending on the particular sensitivities of a project, specific design parameters will be evaluated at this point. Some typical examples are unit cost, power consumption, physical size, tolerance, assembly techniques and mechanical design issues. In many case these parameters will be reviewed with you and any other design partners (e.g. industrial designers) to ensure that all key design requirements have been achieved.

Norcott Technologies | Schematic Design
Schematic Design

Schematic Design

Norcott offers a range of schematic design services to your project requirements.

  • Full schematic creation as part of a full turnkey project.
  • Schematic creation from your design notes.
  • Creation of symbols and part numbers.
  • Schematic update, re-entry from obsolete schematic systems.
  • Design recovery schematics from PCB’s and bills of materials.

For specialist designs our schematic package allows detailed control over routing, clearances and track lengths. This provides detailed information for the PCB designer and ensures that critical interconnects are correctly implemented through a sophisticated DRC checking procedure.

Norcott Technologies | FPGA/ASIC


During system design our engineering team are always looking for the optimum solution to meet functionality, cost, space and power constraints. In many cases the introduction of some form of programmable logic is the key to this process.

High End Systems

For complex systems high gate and I/O pin count devices can be an appropriate fit. In most cases a single device meets all the system logic requirements and this can also incorporate a processor architecture embedded in the FPGA along with Ethernet, PCI-e and other system interfaces. These complex devices can provide gate counts in excess of 5 Million along with 500 + useable I/O.

The provision of serial I/O hardwired on these devices can provide data rates in excess of 3Gb/s for demanding data intensive applications.


High volume products can take advantage of an FPGA for prototypes and initial production before migrating to a hardwired or ASIC solution once volumes and system design stability have been achieved.

For modest logic requirement a CPLD can provide a non-volatile ‘immediate on’ solution that can be very effective in small systems.


We can support designs across the main FPGA / EPLD vendors including Xilinx, Altera, Lattice and Actel. The diversity of these architectures allows us to select the most appropriate technology for your systems design.

Design entry is performed using VHDL along with a suite of support tools for simulation, synthesis and layout.

Norcott Technologies | PCB Design
PCB Design

PCB Design

PCB design is a task that requires the integration of a range of technical disciplines. Fundamental electronics knowledge and a clear understanding of EMC and signal integrity issues, coupled with a technical appreciation of mechanics, fabrication and assembly technology is required to ensure that the end product is functionally correct and manufacturable within commercial cost constraints.

The PCB design team at Norcott has the experience and breadth of knowledge to achieve an optimum solution. In addition they are constantly enhancing their knowledge to keep abreast of new developments in components, packaging and manufacturing systems.

  • Layers – single sided, double sided through to high layer count multilayer fabrication (>22 layer).
  • Track and gap – typically 0.15mm (6 thou) down to 0.1mm (4 thou).
  • Laminates – Rigid, flexi and composite flexi rigid.
  • Vias – standard, blind, buried and laser drilled micro-vias.
  • Special Requirements – controlled impedance, differential matched routing.
  • Package technology – QFP, TSSOP, CSP, BGA (to 1156 ball) and uBGA, QFN/LLC.

Library Management

Careful and well structured library and parts management is vital if the integrity of the design database is to be maintained. We can offer a full custom PCB (and schematic) library creation and maintenance service or access to Norcott’s own extensive libraries.

Norcott Technologies | Mechanical / Industrial Design
Mechanical / Industrial Design

Mechanical / Industrial Design

For products that are integrated into larger systems, a basic protection mechanical system is often all that is required. Careful designs can ensure a cost effective and functional end product.

Effective Industrial Design can enhance the market appeal of a product, giving it a polished look and feel but also involves many aspects of the overall design philosophy including;

  • Style, ergonomics.
  • Usability – controls, displays and software interfaces.
  • Complex functional structures – e.g. lenses, probes, moving parts.
  • Materials.
  • Product assembly.
  • Internal mechanical systems engineering.

The creative use of materials and structures can provide significant cost benefits for volume products. Low volume products can also benefit from careful industrial design. By applying appropriate fabrication techniques, a stylish and cost effective solution can be achieved.

Extensive use is made of 3-D modelling software to provide the ability to integrate physical models of all components, mechanical and electronic (PCB’s), to ensure seamless physical integration of the product.

Norcott Technologies | Prototype and Pre-production
Prototype and Pre-production

Prototype and Pre-production

In conjunction with our manufacturing operations we have the in-house capability to rapidly manufacture prototypes.

Component Procurement

We carry extensive stocks of basic passive components. Typically these can account for 63% of the placements on a new prototype design, significantly reducing the materials management overhead. For more complex components we can source or accept free issue parts.

We have a range of dependable PCB suppliers that provide us with a range of fast turnaround PCB procurement options.


All products including prototypes are machine assembled. This provides a level of quality and consistency that cannot be easily matched by hand assembly methods. Norcott can offer a wide variety of manufacturing processes including a mixed technology with a double sided reflow, intrusive PTH reflow and a no-clean and water washable flux chemistries.


For prototypes or volume production quality is paramount. Assembly errors can translate into hours of unnecessary debugging time. All prototypes are manufactured within our IPC-A-610D accredited process.

Oven profiling is carried out on all new designs to ensure right first time reflow performance. All assembled product undergoes a 100% visual inspection during manufacture. For prototype BGA and CSP, LCC assemblies can use our high resolution real time x-ray system to validate the assembly process.


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