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The creation of comprehensive test specifications ensures that at all phases of the design and manufacture of the product appropriate testing is performed to minimise product failure in the field.

Norcott Technologies | Test Specification
Test Specification

Test Specification

The creation of comprehensive test specifications ensures that at all phases of the design and manufacture of the product appropriate testing is performed to minimise product failure in the field.

  • PCB level test.
  • Final acceptance test (design).
  • Functional production test.
  • Calibration.
  • Firmware and software test.
  • Diagnostic test for repair.

Norcott can also design, construct and maintain bespoke functional test equipment. This can be based on a generic test platform or can be a completely customised solution.

Norcott Technologies | Approvals and Certification
Approvals and Certification

Approvals and Certification

Electronic products have to conform to a wide range of standards and directives. Depending upon the ultimate destination of the product international type testing may be required. Norcott can assist with or fully manage the approvals process.

  • CE Marking.
  • RoHS Compliance.
  • Low Voltage Directive.
  • EMC Directive.
  • Machinery Directive.
  • FM (Factory Mutual).
  • ATEX.

In addition the design of the product needs to be sympathetic to the requirements of the WEEE directive that puts the onus on the manufacturer to achieve effective product recycling.

Norcott Technologies | Product Monitoring
Product Monitoring

Product Monitoring

The manufacture of products needs to be constantly monitored to detect failure at a system, processes or component level.

Once in the field, service and warranty returns can be analysed to identify any trends. Norcott provides a full product monitoring and diagnosis service. We can also investigate and report on suspected component defects.

As part of our EMS offering we can provide you with a customised warranty and repair service for any product.

Norcott Technologies | Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

The detailed analysis of production test and field failures is extremely important in the ongoing maintenance of a product.

Norcott can offer failure analysis covering the following areas:

  • Component failure.
  • Design defects.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Product assembly defects.
  • Software and firmware failure.

Having identified the failure mode we can assist with the implementation of remedial actions for equipment in production and in the field. If required we can also manage appropriate re-work / recovery strategies.

Norcott Technologies | Engineering Control
Engineering Control

Engineering Control

The co-ordination and management of design, verification and engineering changes are critical to the successful implementation of a project.

Norcott has developed an effective “project-tracking” and modification recording system, ensuring that all engineering issues are resolved and modifications are implemented at the appropriate time.

To achieve compliance with our customers in-house engineering control procedures, we have developed a variety of customer protocol models to provide a clean and auditable interface.

Norcott Technologies | Technical Support
Technical Support

Technical Support

In common with all of our range of services, our systems design team can offer in-depth technical support to resolve any problems or queries that you may have during the design and development of your product.

For products manufactured at Norcott we can provide a seamless component management system where we can identify, test and implement component upgrades to bypass obsolecence or serious procurement issues.

For additional peace of mind we offer long term product support contracts based on an annual or a ‘per incident’ fee basis.

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